GS1 DataBar Barcodes on Produce

gs1 databar on fruitNew GS1 DataBar barcodes are starting to appear on produce at select supermarkets in order to facilitate cashiers at check-out. The GS1 DataBar can store more data than the average barcode, and will be used for not only convenience, but also for tracking consumer behavior and the amount and types of fruits and vegetables sold. In addition, it will prevent cashiers from mistakenly ringing up organic produce as regular, ultimately saving grocery chains money.

Since standard barcodes take up too much space on loose produce such as apples, the GS1 DataBar provides the medium to store a lot of information into a small amount of space, allowing for easy scanning of variable weight items.

The new GS1 DataBar Barcodes can also be used in coupon applications, allowing merchandisers to combine specials on multiple products in one simple transaction. GS1 DataBar coupons can also be displayed on cell phone screens, which can be sent to consumers via text messages and scanned right at checkout.

In the near future, grocers plan to implement the GS1 DataBar at the deli counter and for fresh meats and poultry, further saving time at the checkout. The GS1 DataBar seems like a great solution for all variable weight items that will save both time and money for grocers and consumers alike.