Groundbreaking Vehicle Terminals

At the 14th LogiMat (held in March this year), which is an International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow, Advantech-DLoG introduced and launched their newest generation of in-vehicle terminals, the DLT-V72 terminals. On top of that, the company also launched its all new TREK-733L, along with the TREK-773 terminals in-vehicle terminals as well.

According to the General Manager of the company, Manfred Lachauer, “As the DLT-V72 series of in-vehicle terminals is highly compatible and perfectly suited to be installed in warehouse trucks, vehicles and forklifts, some of the other editions – the TREK-733L and TREK-773 have been exclusively designed to be installed in all types of vehicles and fleets, for example taxis, SUVs, delivery trucks, etc. The installation is quite simple and economical.”

The DLT-V72 In-Vehicle Terminals – the Next Step in Industrial Technology and Innovation

The DLT-V72 terminals feature:
1. A resistive front for standard applications
2. A PCT front for applications where you expect strong abrasion or front-scratching
3. A front with defroster film for applications where the terminal more often than not, fluctuates between hot and cool regions (cool being -30°C) under wet and moist conditions. And because of the film-coating, the front of the terminals remains ice-free

Apart from that, another significantly impressive and unique feature of the in-vehicles terminal is the fact that it functions on an uninterrupted power supple of its own. This happens in case you need to change the battery of the forklift or want to recharge it. The UPS unit of the terminal ensures that the device never stops functioning and performs at full power and capacity.

Portable Design – Exclusive Innovation and Equipment

The DLT-V72 in-vehicle terminals are designed to have portable, but compact designs to accommodate more space for any terminal. Thus, the newest generation of terminals comes with an antenna, which is low-profile, but is built to have ample mechanical dexterity when you talk about fast data transfers and robust functionality.

And because Advantech-DLoG was brilliant enough to integrate Intel-ATOM processors in their newest in-vehicle terminals, any company can easily incorporate the use of these terminals in any standard Windows OS.