Green Day Launches QR Code Campaign

green day qr codeHere at, we’ve talked a lot about QR codes, and have anxiously awaited their arrival in the states. Green Day recently launched their new album, 21st Century Breakdown, with something drastically different than any of their previous albums—a QR code!

That’s right. Green Day decided to promote their music through QR codes. In addition to the cover of their CD, Green Day has strategically placed QR codes on magazine ads, posters, stickers, and even on buses! By scanning their QR code, fans are directed to an exclusive mobile site where they can listen to music, watch videos, connect with other fans, and even download their recently released hit, Know Your Enemy, to your phone!

Because of Green Day’s popularity in the US, it will no doubt help in spreading them to the States. Since the cost of advertising is rising, QR codes are a great way to fit a lot of information in a tight space. In addition, QR codes have proven to be a traceable form of marketing propaganda, easily providing statistics on who has used them and where.