Google Wallet Debuts on Sprint Nexus S 4G Phones

Google announced yesterday that its Google Wallet app would be rolled out on all Sprint Nexus S 4G phones.

We’ve been speculating about the adoption of mobile NFC payment, and while no one can be sure as to when it will really catch on, Google made great strides by announcing that Google Wallet will be rolled out on all Sprint Nexus S 4G phones. Eventually, the Google Wallet will be rolled out on other phones, let’s just hope the iPhone 5 is NFC ready!

With Google Wallet, Sprint customers will be able to pay with their Citi MasterCard credit card and the Google Prepaid Card. Visa, Discover and American Express have also made their NFC specifications available for inclusion of future versions of Google Wallet, as a part of Google’s commitment to an open commerce ecosystem.

It may still be a while before people entirely get rid of their traditional wallets, but Google knows of one person who could definitely benefit:

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