Google Uses QR Codes to Create a Self-driving Car

Google recently received a patent for driverless car technology, which would use artificial intelligence in conjunction with QR codes.

Essentially, the technology will use GPS to locate pre-determined markers on the road. Once a driver locates one of these markers and stops on it, the car can switch to autonomous mode. Cameras and sensors on the vehicle will detect future markers, which will use QR codes. By reading a QR code, the car can then proceed to a pre-determined location without the need for someone to drive it.

The artificial intelligence will receive instructions and use GPS, cameras and sensors along a pre-define route, even parking itself once at the destination.

So far, Google has created a prototype based on a Toyota Prius that uses a Light Detection and Ranging LIDAR device on the car’s roof in order to accurately monitor surroundings. The prototype has reportedly been taken on a one thousand mile test run and was successful, without human intervention.

While it’s nice to know driverless cars are possible with QR codes, I wouldn’t expect this to be offered to consumers for years to come.

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