Google & QR Codes

Google recently acquired Punchd, a QR code app for loyalty cards. What does this mean for the future of QR codes?

On Friday, we discussed the possible end of QR codes, citing signs from Google, among others, that the end was near. However, by Monday, Google had already bought Punchd, a California startup that is essentially an app for consumers to store loyalty cards by using none other than our friend, the QR code.

With the Punchd app, customers can use their favorite stores’ loyalty cards without having to carry any paper cards. Customers can simply pull up a QR code, have the cashier scan it and the Punchd app keeps track of how many times it was scanned. Once the customer is eligible to receive their loyalty reward, they and the cashier are notified and—voila, it’s free!
While Google stopped using QR codes for its Places, and started to experiment with NFC technology for Hotspot and mobile payments, it makes me wonder if they are planning on using the same concept of Punchd, but with NFC rather than QR codes.

How do you forsee the future of QR codes, particularly in relation to Google? Will they utilize both, or choose one over the other? Let us know what you think by commenting below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.