Google Optimizes & Provides QR Code for Relief in Japan

After the travesties that occurred in Japan, it was crucial that organizations from around the world help and support the country as much as possible. Red Cross is running a text to donate program, and even Google has gotten involved with the crisis by helping to improve the flow of information.
Google has a Crisis Response page with information on the happenings in Japan, as well as a place where people can donate. They even have a tool called Person Finder that allows users to enter information about someone, or search for someone via name or mobile phone number and results often feature photos and the ability to subscribe to updates about that particular individual. You can access a mobile optimized page by scanning this QR code:

In order for people in shelters to inform their loved ones that they are ok, they can take a photo of a handwritten list of names and e-mail them to Google. From there, the photos are automatically uploaded to a Picasa Album. Enhanced scanning technology assists Google in manually adding the names to the Person Finder.

In addition to these valuable tools, Google is also working with partners to get satellite imagery of hard hit areas, in addition to mapping blackouts, passable roads and shelters.

Despite the devastating occurrences in Japan, it is good to know that organizations such as Google are developing the tools and dedicating the time to help people connect as much as possible.
If you’d like to donate to the relief efforts in Japan, you can do so here.