Google Goggles: The End of QR Codes?

Google Goggles is an Android Augmented Reality (AR) app that uses the phone’s camera to identify images, places and more. Like most barcode apps, Google Goggles scans QR codes to direct people to urls, but what makes it different is its ability to scan objects and places.

For example, if you see a restaurant, simply snap a picture using Google Goggles and information and reviews will display on your phone… the restaurant doesn’t even need to display a QR code!

While there are a lot of unidentifiable items, I’m sure identification abilities will continue to expand. For example, while Google Goggles can identify celebrities, it probably won’t be able to identify you, as of now, but who knows what the future will bring.

Although QR code usage is still under adoption, if an app like Google Goggles is perfected, would there still be a need for QR codes? I highly doubt this, mainly because of marketing efforts, but some consumers just want the facts, so it could work to their advantage. Weigh in by commenting here, or on our Facebook Page.