GoLive Services from Barcoding, Inc. Continues Remarkable Growth

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced that its GoLive Services practice is expected to grow by an impressive 25 percent this year. Telematics Deployment Specialist Will Ng will lend his expertise and support as the practice grows.

GoLive Services encompasses deployment services that help mobile solutions work out of the box to eliminate customer frustration. This means no downtime, better productivity and higher levels of employee satisfaction. Barcoding, Inc. tailors every project to suit the specifications each customer, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise.

Their focus on understanding clients’ objectives has made the practice stand out from its competition. This is accomplished by assessing the client’s current hardware and its performance and then determining the right devices for the environment and workflow before finally configuring them. It is particularly suited to clients in retail as well as field service and distribution.

The professional services team working on GoLive Services are experts in orchestration and management skills, and they are capable of everything from hardware inspection, staging, kitting and asset tagging to system testing, cellular activation and software loading.

The Vice President of Barcoding, Inc., Daniel Perlak, said that clients who use the service tend to deploy their devices a lot more quickly and note an improved rate of device utilization. It also makes training run a lot more smoothly. He added that the firm was excited to bring Ng to the team.

Team of Experts Expanding

Ng isn’t the only new addition to the team; GoLive Services has increased its team by around 30 percent in just the last three years, indicating how serious Barcoding, Inc. is about this endeavor and its future.

Barcoding, Inc. is pleased to be a leading force in supply chain accuracy, connectivity and efficiency. With nearly two decades in the business, they have helped thousands of businesses to note lower operational costs and higher revenue.

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