Going Mobile: What to Ask Your Mobile Technology Vendor

Going mobile can save time and money by increasing efficiency. But what should you consider before making the plunge and choosing a mobile technology vendor?

In Barcoding Inc.’s most recent newsletter, an article by Bruce Redke, Business Development Manager at MobileFrame was featured.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask when Evaluating Mobile Technology Vendors
Many organizations are looking to see the benefits of going mobile, but what should you be looking for in a mobile technology vendor?

Ask yourself:

1. How is the application developed, and what level of expertise is required to write, edit and update current apps—will coding be needed?

2. Which mobile computers are supported and what kinds of devices will need to be supported— laptops, tablet pc’s and/or desktops? Can all data capture forms needed be used on these devices and will you need separate installers for each of them?

3. How will mobile workers receive backend data—is it an automated process?

4. What “out-of-box” integration options are available for backend system integration?

5. What will happen when no internet connection is available on mobile devices?

6. Can devices in the field be remotely managed and are stats, such as memory usage available for each?

7. What happens if a worker is synchronizing data and the connection gets dropped?

8. Can mobile workers be tracked in real-time by location on a map?

9. Is real-time instant messaging allowed? If so, will acquiring logs of all sent and received messages be possible?

10. Can upgrades be managed remotely, or will each device have to be upgraded individually?

As you can see, there is a lot of consideration that should go into increasing the mobility at your organization. Learn more about MobileFrame and contact us with any questions on mobility.