Go Subzero with the Datalogic DS2400N

As we’re heading into summer, temperatures are getting hotter and hotter, but cold chains remain subzero. Luckily. Datalogic recently released the DS2400N Subzero model, an industrial laser barcode scanner engineered for temperatures as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Datalogic DS2400N Subzero provides exceptional scanning performance at any temperature and uses less power than most barcode scanners. This, combined with its compact size, IP64 rating and ability to handle subzero temperatures, make it the ideal barcode scanning solution for all of your cold chain needs.

“The DS2400N Subzero fills a previously unmet need for automated cold storage warehousing applications for the food industry,” said Marcello Petrucci, Identification BU General Manager.

Learn more about the Datalogic DS400N Subzero.