Go Green with Paperless Field Service Solutions

service callTypically, field service workers go through a lot of paper, which cannot only lead to inaccuracies in data collection, but is also harmful to the environment. In fact, approximately one billion trees worth of paper is thrown away per year in the United States alone! In an effort to reduce waste and help companies work more efficiently, CaptureSoft Service call was created. Service call is an application specifically designed for field technicians, allowing them to integrate QuickBooks and other accounting software applications for easy invoicing, and work order automation without any paper!
By implementing Service Call, companies can easily reduce overheard costs and consistently receive payment for their services in less than 30 days. With Service Call, invoices can be created on handheld mobile computers and then be sent to the customer, all while being synchronized back to the office. Making the transition from a paper-based system to a mobile computer equipped with Service Call is easy to do, especially when your company is doing its part for the environment. The user-friendly platform lends itself to field service workers, even allowing the addition of voice to the application, enabling technicians to enter part numbers and quantities while in the field.
With Service Call for Windows Mobile Devices, field service workers can enjoy:

  • Convenient Appointment Viewer
  • Easy-to-use Invoice Creator
  • Signature Capture
  • Job Time Management
  • Billing Information Collector
  • Notes Section

In addition to benefitting field service workers Service Call for Windows Mobile Devices also benefits those in the office with Scheduler and Gatekeeper:

Scheduler- For Those in the Office

  • Easy Synchronization of Office Computers to Mobile Devices
  • Attachable Work Orders
  • Real-time Invoice Updates

Gatekeeper- For Management

  • Easily Review and Approve Customer Changes
  • Manage Administrative Tasks More Efficiently

Overall, Service Call provides both field workers and management a convenient and environmentally friendly tool to more efficiently manage how business is done. If you’re interested in learning more about Service Call, discover everything it can do for you here.