Go Car Shopping with QR Codes

Nissan uses QR codes on vehicle window stickers

Nissan recently launched a QR code campaign that allows consumers to access more information about an individual vehicle via QR codes on the window stickers.

Once a customer scans the QR code with their mobile phone, they will be directed to a mobile site where videos and photos of the car can be viewed, in addition to features, accessories and even dealer inventory levels, creating a more interactive car shopping experience.

The QR code campaign will launch for the entire 2012 lineup, but already started with the 2012 Altima and Sentra, which came out in June. So far, Nissan has received positive feedback with the QR codes, demonstrating that QR codes are a reliable, no-hassle source of information. Personally, I’d much rather get more information from scanning a barcode than having to ask a potentially pushy salesperson.

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