Global Upstream Supply Integration (GUSI)

GS1 Upstream Integration helps bridge the gap between manufacturers and suppliers within the supply chain. Basically, the goal of upstream integration is to improve processes by sharing information and improving visibility of demand and inventory changes. This ultimately increases responsiveness to manufacturing requirements, and finally to the consumers.

In the current marketplace, there are so many products available for consumers, but often in smaller quantities. The amount of time between design to the consumer is continuously expected to become shorter, thus putting pressure on the upstream part of the supply chain. Because of this, the need for integration and reliable information become prevalent for physical visibility. This is a particular concern for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Currently, the GUSI is working to address the following issues for CPG:

  • Tailoring the GS1 standards for item identification and electronic communication
  • Supporting the development of implementation guides
  • Providing assistance for implementations

Once CPG companies started using GUSI standards-based solutions, companies reported benefits such as faster integration, reduced IT costs and increased ROI.

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