Global Food Supply Chain Needs Enterprise Barcode Labeling Software Now More Than Ever

The food and beverage industry has always found barcodes to be useful for business, but enterprise barcode label management software is quickly becoming absolutely essential as new food safety regulations come into effect. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), and Food Information for Consumers (FIC) rules will change the way that operations are carried out in the industry and require entirely new solutions to be put in place.

Browser-based label software that integrates with food suppliers and manufacturers will make operations a lot more efficient. These solutions work well for this purpose because most of the food manufacturers operate across several different facilities. This approach will allow a company to manage printers across all of its facilities easily and conveniently.

Enterprise Barcode Labeling Software In Action

For example, Tyson Fresh Meats has noted a significant boost in traceability and speed-to-market after implementing an enterprise barcode labeling system for its premium pork and beef products. In addition, they also reported a drop in shipping costs and manual labeling errors as a result of the move.

The Canadian firm Oakrun Farm Bakery found that this type of system eliminated its top cause of downtime: labeling errors. This solution works well for them because it improves label security and label printing efficiency while supporting an expanding number of users.

Meanwhile, the new FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food law, which will come into effect later this summer, will only serve to further enhance the need for a barcode labeling system that integrates with existing ERP systems as the proper listing of allergens and other factors become crucial.

More and more food and beverage companies are discovering the benefits of enterprise barcode labeling software, and they are reaping the rewards of putting such a system in place now as well as in the future.

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