Giant Food Stores Offer Self-scanning at Select Locations

scan itMy recent trip to the Giant involved being immediately attracted to a shelf of barcode scanners. While I knew the scanners weren’t for sale, I began to look into their newest program—Scan It!

The Scan It! Program isn’t self-scanning, as in self-checkout, but rather, revolutionizes the shopping experience by letting consumers scan as they go. The process goes as such:

1) Walk up to the display of Motorola barcode scanners.
2) Scan your Giant Bonus Card.
3) Grab the flashing Motorola scanner.
4) Place bags into cart, or bring your own bags.
5) Scan the UPC barcode on the product you like and place product in bag in cart. (If you are buying produce, input the PLU code onto an electronic scale, weigh the item, print the barcode, and scan the code).
6) When you’re done simply scan a final upc code to close the electronic cart, scan your bonus card, pay, and go!

Should you decide you don’t want an item anymore, there’s a simple remove button. The Scan It! Program is geared toward a faster checkout, but also offers other benefits such as coupons geared based on your purchasing habits.