GHS: Labeling Your Hazardous Chemicals Properly

GHS, or Globally Harmonized System, offers criteria for classifying health, physical and environmental hazards—it specifies what information should be included on the labeling of hazardous chemicals.

As if dealing with hazardous chemicals wasn’t stressful enough, there’s an art to labeling them. Regulations were recently changed, resulting in a change the way chemical products must be labeled. Manufacturers will need to make changes to all of their labels in order to comply with the new classification of labeling and chemicals.

Under the current Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), the label preparer must provide the identity of the chemical and the appropriate hazard warnings, which can be done in a variety of different ways. With the revised HCS, once the hazard is classified, labels will require the following elements based on their classification and category:

  • Pictogram
  • Signal Words
  • Hazard Statement
  • Precautionary Statement

Luckily, cab has made updating hazardous materials labels easy for manufacturers. Their XC series, the XC4 and XC6 GHS label printers, offer two-color printing that meets the conditions of the classification and labeling inventory according to GHS.

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