Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Investments

By Greg Henry, Vice President of Client Solutions

Technology is rapidly changing on an everyday basis for consumers and businesses alike. But, how do organizations decide which technologies to invest in? Even more, once an organization has invested in those technologies, how can they ensure that they’re getting the most out of the investment?

With the push towards adopting more consumer technology, like Android mobile devices for business, technology refreshes are going to come faster than ever before. Here are a few ways you can make sure your technology investments will be leveraged to the fullest extent.

Identify Goals 

With rapid technology changes, there’s always a latest solution of the month. While these solutions typically incorporate the latest technologies and offer many benefits, they might not necessarily be the right solution for your organization and its goals.

Before deciding which technology to invest in, organizations should identify the challenges they want to overcome and the goals they’re looking to achieve through this investment. Are you trying to solve one specific choke point? Is there a larger problem that impacts the way the organization functions as a whole?

Identifying the goals your organization hopes to achieve through this investment will help you research and select the solutions that will best help to meet those goals, rather than just investing in the latest flavor of the month because it’s what everyone is currently talking about.

Collaborate with End Users

You may think you understand the challenges your employees face, but that might not always be the case. Organizations should connect with their technology end users to understand their challenges and identify the most impactful solutions.

Have your end users been frustrated by the current operating system? Are there difficulties understanding how the technology functions? These insights are extremely beneficial for understanding how employees work best and how they leverage current technology, which will help inform your next investment.

Technology is only as impactful as the end users allow it to be. If they find the systems frustrating, or feel as if their concerns are not being heard, your new technology might not fully make the impact you had hoped. Conversely, by connecting with employees to understand how the technology impacts their day-to-day work and providing a platform to share ideas and concerns, you can identify the proper solution, and employees will embrace it as their own.

Work with the Experts

Once an organization has identified and purchased new technology, the hard work begins. How can you make sure employees leverage the technology to its fullest extent?

The best resource available is partnering with the experts behind that technology. Take upgrading your house as an example. While you can research and learn how to make a specific upgrade yourself, at some point in the process, you will most likely deal with the pain of not being a home improvement expert. You may eventually achieve your goal, but you’ll deal with plenty of adversity and challenges along the way. If you would have hired an expert from the beginning, the job would have been done more quickly and, more importantly, with fewer challenges.

Similarly, it pays to consult the experts who live and breathe technology every day to get the most out of your investment. Their expertise can help ensure organizations have a complete understanding of the technology they are purchasing. From training, to shortcuts, to troubleshooting the specific nuances that come with that technology, these experts can share best practices from the beginning to help you and your employees get the full value of your investment from day one, rather than accidentally stumbling upon them days, weeks, or even months later.

Technology investments can drive organizations forward and help them provide a better experience for both employees and customers. Taking an informed approach to these investments and laying the proper foundation for full utilization can create the best experience for employees and customers. That’s why it’s important to make use of available resources to ensure employees can take advantage of all the benefits new technology provides.


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