Getting IoT Right in the Enterprise

Enterprises face many challenges when devising an IoT strategy, particularly because these deployments tend to entail several operational teams and business units. The often-confusing number of technologies there are to choose from and a general lack of collaboration can make the process even more difficult. What can enterprises do to make sure they get it right? Here are a few tips.

Know From The Start What You Want To Accomplish

It’s a basic tenet in many areas of life for a good reason: clearly defining the goal from the outset can directly impact your chances of success. All parties need to know what the expected outcome is, what metrics will used to determine success, and how the solution is going to impact efficiency and productivity as well as customer satisfaction

Pay Attention To Security

Security is absolutely vital for any IoT project. Before it can be analyzed, all of the data needs to be anonymized and then encrypted and compressed. Access to sensitive information needs to be restricted, and all of this must be governed by a comprehensive policy that lays out who can control and access the various components.

Make The Experience Intuitive

Most IoT solutions are going to involve two main players who are very different: decision makers and operations managers. The operations managers will be the ones managing the device layer throughout the IoT implementation. They’ll be controlling the equipment and taking care of remote monitoring and the maintenance of the devices. The decision makers, on the other hand, will be more concerned with the insights gained by the data and will need to be able to access dashboards outlining critical parameters from both the cold path and hot path analytics.

It might take some times to get everything right, but when all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, IoT can help enterprises reach the pinnacle of success.

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