Get Smart in the Workplace

Avoid lost or misplaced devices in the workplace with Barcoding’s newest mobile agent, Get Smart! As always, Barcoding has focused on creating a tool that will improve productivity and efficiency for your company’s technology. Functionable on any Android device with Lollipop OS or higher, Get Smart captures employee and mobile computer utilization data to locate misplaced devices with a “Find Me” feature. With real-world analytics about your company’s devices, not only will employees be held accountable for the devices they use, but also ensure their safe return back to the charging cradles.

This mobile agent can provide information beyond that of general statistics of device health and usage. Greg Henry, Barcoding VP of Client Solutions, told that Get Smart is “giving a whole bunch more information about how assets are being used, which is informing them going forward on how many assets they need, where they need them located and so forth.”

With their ability to identify problems or a gap in the market for those in the supply chain industry, Henry felt that this mobile agent was the “natural next step of device utilization management.”

Mutually-beneficial Features

Barcoding makes the Get Smart user experience seamless and simple. Employees who are checking out a device are prompted with a sign-on screen: here, Get Smart records their information and also ensures that they have the authority to use the device. Your company also has the option of implementing back-end authentication services such as active directory. Get Smart’s sign-in process makes sure that the right devices are getting to the right employees while safeguarding your company’s network security.

Collecting Data and Improving Productivity

Once a user is logged-in and ready to go with their device, Get Smart captures data throughout its use; observing information such as device abuse (how the user handles the device), the mobile agent can identify if the user needs additional training or if the environment in which they were working needs to be adjusted. By logging user usage statistics, your company can better analyze and understand work activities by improving scheduling to increasing productivity.

According to SupplyChainDive, Get Smart is “filling a void in the mobile computing market.” This mobile agent is revolutionary not only in the data it is able to provide, but also in the way it betters productivity for all.

With Get Smart, you can assess your devices performance to make sure that they are best functioning for your operation’s needs. By gathering this data, you can check on your asset availability and whether or not your devices are as efficient as possible. When devices may not be functioning properly, users can report issues for consolidated management review where you can check in on operational processes, identify application enhancements, and capture user concerns.

The Search is Over—Pinpoint Device Location with Tracking

When devices are misplaced, Get Smart’s “Find Me” function can search its location; rather than wasting employee time searching for the device, the mobile agent does the work for you. By quickly locating the device, time can be better allocated to tasks that need employee attention.

Integrate Get Smart into your Pre-existing Tech

Get Smart is versatile to any environment, and its value “is in the ability for enterprises to match asset purchases to their employee scheduling needs, while reducing ongoing support and asset replacement costs,” according to SupplyChainDive.

If your company already utilizes MDM tools, you can receive Get Smart as a complimentary addition to your fleet of efficiency strategies. Implement Barcoding’s latest mobile agent to get the most out of the devices that are integrated in your company’s day-to-day activities.

Watch our video of the mobile agent to recap its functions and capabilities in the workplace:

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