Get on the Fast Track with Amtrak: Intermec Printers Speed Things Up

Intermec PF4ciWith Thanksgiving and the Holidays soon approaching, chances are that you will probably be doing some traveling. If you choose to travel by train, particularly Amtrak, then you may be pleasantly surprised about the speed of boarding.

Amtrak had a small amount of time to replace all of their printers and after discussing things with Intermec, they decided that the Intermec PF4ci would be the best solution. The Amtrak ticketing work stations support almost a billion dollars of ticketing revenue annually, so a reliable ticket printing system is crucial.

After much performance testing, Amtrak discovered that the PF4ci provided a much simpler and faster approach to printing compared to their old equipment. With the new PF4ci’s in place, Amtrak would be able to print fix to six vouchers per minute per printer!

However, finding the Intermec PF4ci was the easy part in Amtrak’s upgrade plan, the hard part was having them implemented in under 90 days. Intermec lived up to this challenge, installing P4Fci printers in every Amtrak station across the United States and Canada.

Like the Intermec team, the PF4ci is very accommodating. The printer can handle a variety of ticket stock without any field variation whatsoever, making the PF4ci easy to learn for staff. The PF4ci printers are also RFID upgradeable so if Amtrak chooses in the future, it could use the system to track baggage. For the mean time, a close working relationship with Intermec keeps Amtrak’s ticket printers up and running.

Next time you take the train, keep a look out for the Intermec PF4ci, located at an Amtrak station near you.