Get Games on Nintendo DSi with QR Codes

Unlike previous Nintendo DS platforms, the Nintendo DSi comes equipped with a relatively high resolution camera, opening countless doors for new features, such as reading QR codes. If a DSi gamer spots a QR code, they will be able to easily load software and receive information instantly through a Wifi network.

This new feature is huge for both advertisers and gamers and could very well change the future of gaming. Imagine if players could instantly download new games directly to their Nintendo DSi units, in addition to receiving software upgrades, downloading coupons and more, all directly from the console! The capability to scan QR codes directly from the DSi is sure to save gamers both time and money.

In the past, Nintendo has set the bar in gaming innovation, so I don’t think this will be any different. The ability to scan QR codes from a mobile console is sure to catch on quickly, and quite possible, change the gaming industry.

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