Get Bluetooth for Maximum Productivity

What’s just as important as being hands-free, but is often overlooked? Being wires-free, or wireless as some might say. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to be wireless, allowing users to easily send documents to a printer from their mobile device. With Bluetooth compatible devices and Bluetooth enabled printers, documents, signature captures and pictures can easily be downloaded and/or take on a mobile device and sent to a printer remotely. Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) stated, “Printing is an often overlooked functionality of Bluetooth technology.”

One device that works well for Bluetooth printing capabilities is the Opticon OPL9724, which features IrDA and Bluetooth wireless communication, allowing for wire-free portability. Warehouse workers can easily collect information and send it to another mobile device or mobile Bluetooth enabled printer for maximum efficiency.

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