GDSN: Global Data Synchronization Network

The Global Data Synchronization Network, or GDSN, is an internet-based network of connected data pools that are linked through the GS1 Global Registry, enabling companies to exchange standardized supply chain data with all of their trading partners throughout the world. The role of GDSN is to ensure that the data exchanged between trading partners is not only accurate, but also compliant with universal standards.

Many companies choose to send their product data through the GDSN because it increases data integrity and ensures that each company is meeting their partner company’s requirements. As technology continues to advance, more and more companies, such as Wal- Mart, are requiring that their partners become certified in the GDSN data pool.

By synchronizing data through the GDSN, organizations can:

  • Reduce administrative costs as a result of improved order and invoicing accuracy.
  • Improve replenishment and inventory management efficiencies due to increased data integrity
  • Increase sales because of expedited listing processes
    • Ultimately, the goal would be to have every company using GDSN to ensure globally compliant data synchronization.