Gamification in Trucking and Construction Industries

Accidents Happen
Road accidents and accidents on a construction site cost lives and money. These accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including bad weather. However, too often the reason is a truck driver’s habits or a construction equipment operator’s behavior. Companies in this field are constantly looking for methods to reduce their expenses and the possibility of lawsuits. An accident will cost money in repairs, time off for an injured employee and an increase in insurance premiums and lawyer’s fees to deal with litigation issues.

Businesses in the construction industry have applied various methods over the years to reduce accidents due to behavior and attitudes. This was done by educating drivers about dangerous habits, such as operating machinery while distracted by a cell phone and turning to reports showing increased fuel consumption on a truck which often indicates an increase in driving speed. Unfortunately, all these corrective measures were reactionary. They took place after the behavior had already occurred and the employee was back in the office.

Construction companies are now turning to a technology-driven monitoring approach that permits operators to correct their behavior in real-time as opposed to making corrections after the fact.

Gamification Can Help
Gamification is a concept that has achieved general acceptance and is now being implemented in various industries, with fitness technology leading the way. Gamification combined with telematics in the construction industry is helping companies’ turn around unsafe employee behaviors.

The technique lets a company give each operator a score for this behavior, which can be compared to other operators and their performance can be ranked against peers. Gamification applications provide fleet managers the ability to train and coach their employees in real-time so that operators learn while they are displaying the problematic behavior, rather than a few days or weeks later. Applications notify drivers in real-time about their performance and their rank.

A gamification system uses metrics of an operator’s performance to generate a score (often between 1 and 100) and allows employees to see where they rank against their peers. This technique assumes operators’ desire to be the best and win the “game” will help influence behavior over time and lead to safer and more efficient practices. The technique combines a little psychology with technology. The purpose is to increase good behavior by recognizing it and rewarding operators who lead the pack, rather than the traditional approach of punishing bad behavior to bring about a change in attitude.

The idea is that promoting the leaders in safety will generate continuous improvements as operators try to improve upon each other’s scores on a constant basis. This approach helps those at the bottom identify their weak areas and improve on them. Overall, this concept will cut down the costs of operations in a construction company.

Commercial truck and construction equipment accidents have been on the rise recently, mostly due to distracted behavior and it’s time the industry adapted the improvements in technology to tackle serious life threatening behavior along with increasing their bottom-line.

Regardless of whether or not you support gamification, telematics are key in transportation and logistics—find the best solution for you.

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