The Future of Grocery Scanner Scales is Here with Zebra’s MP7000

Checkout lines can become quite hectic during a store’s busy period, prompting some customers to give up in frustration and walk out the door before spending any money. Hiring more employees isn’t always the most effective or affordable solution. Many times, simply having the right technology in place is all it takes to keep those lines moving and customers happy to complete their purchases.

Zebra’s MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale can bring superior checkout experiences to even the busiest stores. This futuristic multi-plane 1D and 2D imager boasts Zebra’s latest scanning technology so you can be sure that all printed and electronic barcodes will be captured with ease. Moreover, with the biggest scan zone in its class, a quick swipe is all it takes. A customer side scanner is available as an option, allowing customers rather than cashiers to scan their physical and electronic coupons, saving time for everyone involved.

This scanner scale is designed to stand the test of time, with integrated support for up-and-coming Digimarc barcodes. This means you’ll be able to use it to capture utility bills, checks and receipts so that more processes than ever can be automated. It accomplishes all this without affecting anyone’s eyes thanks to its nearly invisible recessed illumination.

Unmatched Total Cost of Ownership

The MP7000 from Zebra’s total cost of ownership is the best in the industry thanks to its maximum uptime and very light power consumption that is up to 60 percent lower than the competition. In addition, it makes use of solid state technology, which means fewer moving parts that need serviced and could possibly break down. It also uses soft-touch capacitive pads, which means there is no button breakage to worry about.

Best of all, the MP7000 has been designed to fit right into existing cash wraps to make upgrading POS lanes and bringing them into the future easy and hassle-free.

This blog post was based off of an article from Zebra Technologies. View the original here.

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