Freight Logistics Finally Embracing IoT

The Internet of Things has gotten off to a great start in areas like consumer electronics and wearables, but it has been somewhat slow to take off in logistics technology – until now. Logistics companies can be slower to adapt to new technologies than other industries, but when they do get on board, the change can be dramatic.

Freight logistics experts at firms like IBM say that IoT is finally starting to make an impact in the industry. In particular, they are taking advantage of tracking technology to help the traditionally error-prone processes of freight visibility. Tracking freight using devices that can transmit GPS location data on marine containers, for example, is turning out to be a game-changer.

Using sensors on pallets can give companies the power to track and trace products as they’re en route to their destinations on trucks. The sensors can collect and then send information about their location to dispatchers using fleet management systems in the cloud, and this information can be shared with the shippers as well as the customers.

New Uses for RFID and GPS

Many firms’ first foray into IoT logistics involved the tracking of inventory and in-transit visibility. Radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS technology have long been used to keep track of assets on their journey from one place to another, but now RFID chips are being used in pallets and with integrated IoT logistics devices to share data about environmental factors that could impact the arrival of a delivery, such as weather.

This is also useful in the case of items that are sensitive to heat. Sensors could be used to warn if the weather exceeds appropriate temperatures or even if it is too cold, thereby reducing spoilage and other problems. It is also useful for reacting quickly to changing circumstances, such as rerouting truckers should a big storm strike.

All of this interconnectivity is bringing new levels of efficiency to logistics operations, making IoT one trend that is well worth the investment.

This blog post was based off of an article from Tech Target. View the original here.

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