Frank Ryan Announced as EF4 Keynote

Barcoding, Inc. recently announced their Executive Forum keynote speaker as Frank Ryan. Ryan is a Marine Reserve Retired Colonel, CPA, author, commentator and expert in corporate restructuring and management and will share insights gained from his recent 2,806-mile walk across the United States on being efficient, accurate and connected.

In case you haven’t already registered, Barcoding’s 2014 Executive Forum will be held Thursday, Oct. 9, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Ryan completed his walk across the United States in August 2014 to raise awareness for the needs of children with emotional and behavioral issues and developmental disabilities. His keynote speech at the Executive Forum will highlight lessons learned along his journey, applying them to Barcoding’s theme of efficiency, accuracy and connectivity in the enterprise.

“During my walk, I saw the impact of innovation on our nation,” said Col. Frank Ryan, USMCR (Ret). “In order to progress, we should always question the way we are doing things and ask if there is a better way—can we be more efficient, more accurate, more connected? Only then can we thrive, whether as a country, individuals or a business.”

In addition to Ryan, Barcoding’s Executive Forum 4 will feature a speaker lineup of supply chain experts, including:

Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc.
Martin Jack, chief technology officer, Barcoding, Inc.
• Joe White, VP, Motorola Solutions
• David Clement, president and CEO, Health Qlix Incorporated
• McLeod Williamson, RFID business development manager, Zebra Technologies
• Grant Miller, business development director (new growth), Zebra Technologies
• Don Grust, CEO, Apacheta
• Joel Leetzow, vice president, business development, Descartes
• Padraig Regan, VP of solutions engineering, B2M Solutions

Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc., said, “With an exciting speaker lineup and the much-anticipated keynote from Frank Ryan, Executive Forum 4’s attendees will surely gain valuable, real-world knowledge that they can apply to make their enterprises more efficient, accurate and connected.”

Register for Barcoding’s Executive Forum 4, or learn more about keynote speaker Frank Ryan.