Four Reasons Area Imagers are Quickly Replacing Traditional Laser Scanners

Retailers are increasingly opting to upgrade from traditional laser scanners to area imagers, and there are plenty of reasons in favor of making such a move. Here is a look at just four of the top motivations for jumping on the area imager bandwagon.

They Can Scan Barcodes from Almost Every Surface

These imagers have the ability to decode barcodes that come from pictures, and they do not depend on reflected light the way that laser scanners do. This means that barcodes can be scanned from anything from paper to cell phone screens. Whether the barcode is matrixed, traditional, or a QR code, area imagers are up to the task.

They Can Help with Age Verification

When you sell age-restricted items like tobacco and alcohol, there can be serious consequences if clerks at the checkout fail to verify a shopper’s age and identity before completing the sale. Area imagers can help provide simple and immediate age verification.

They Can Facilitate Mobile Marketing Programs

Smart retailers are making the most of the marketing opportunities afforded by cell phones. Customers often respond to promotions that are sent through loyalty apps or text messages, and one of the most popular ways to identify loyal shoppers electronically and allow them to redeem mobile coupons is through 2D barcodes on cell phone screens. Area imaging barcode scanners installed at the point of sale make this possible.

They Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers are becoming spoiled by the convenience offered by online shopping, and their patience is dwindling for long checkout lines and complicated payment processes when they shop in person. The faster scanning performance and ease of scanning promotional codes afforded by area imagers can help keep checkout lines from growing out of control and allow retailers to offer mobile marketing programs their customers will appreciate.

As you can see, upgrading to area imagers is an investment that can pay off quite nicely for retailers that are willing to take the plunge, keeping customers happy and reaching new levels of effectiveness in marketing.

This blog post was based off of an article from Retail Asia. View the original here.

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