Food Traceability: From a McDonalds App?

Food traceability has always been a hot topic in the automated data collection industry, but now, as health concerns and access to data rise, consumers want to know where their food is coming from more than ever.

Sure, you may think consumers who buy only organic produce would be more inclined to want to know where their food is coming from, but what about those who eat fast food?

A new iOS app was recently created for McDonald’s Australia that allows customers to track exactly where their meal’s ingredients came from. Now that’s what I call a happy meal!

The app uses GPS technology to pinpoint the customers’ location. From there, image recognition software is used to see what you’re eating and real-time tracking from their supply chain is used to find out where the ingredients in the McDonald’s meal came from.

Then, the data comes to life—the app dissects the ingredients that comprise your meal and allows you to choose which ingredient you’d like to find out more about. For example, if you chose lettuce, your phone would tell a story that allows you to meet the real farmers who harvested the lettuce. You could even meet the fisherman who caught your McFish.

McDonald’s U.S., Canada and U.K. are also making an effort to give higher visibility into food traceability.

Watch the video below to see McDonald’s food traceability app in action.

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