Food Distribution Made Easy

Food distribution is no easy task—streamlined operations and accurate inventory management are of the utmost importance at the distribution center.

This was no different for Washington Fruit and Produce, Co., a large shipper of apples in Washington. The company had recently moved to a new packaging and storage facility and needed a more streamlined pallet tagging and inventory management system that would make daily operations run more efficiently and offer compliance to new food traceability initiatives set in place by the U.S. Government.

Since Washington Fruit and Produce, Co., exports their products globally throughout the year, they rely on accurate shipments, thus needing a proper pallet tagging and inventory management system to prevent from incorrect shipments and manual inventory counting.

By using Intermec products, such as the CK3 mobile computer, CV60 vehicle mount computer, SR61ex scanners and PM4i printers, paired with the right software solution, Washington Fruit and Produce, Co., started seeing results immediately. In addition, the company became one of the first in its region to comply with the new food traceability compliance laws.

“We look forward to where this system can take us in the future,” said Hanks. “Our new warehouse has the capabilities to do a lot more in terms of increasing our throughput, etc. so we’re excited continually monitor our processes and implement continued upgrades as we’re ready, said Systems Operator Mikey Hanks.”

Watch the video case study and learn more about what Intermec and their products can do for your food distribution needs.