Fleet Management and Small Businesses

It may seem that fleet management is only for large shipping companies, but it is possible that small operations can benefit from an investment in it as well. Any company with at least two trucks can make efficiency savings from investing in an intelligent fleet management program.

Intelligent fleet management is based in GPS tracking technology, which allows companies to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times. This insight is valuable because fleet managers can know where traffic bottlenecks are, which are the most efficient routes and to keep an eye for vehicles undertaking unauthorized journeys.

Finding out which are the most efficient routes doesn’t always depend upon finding the shortest distance from A to B on a map. There are also different factors to consider such as road works, traffic congestion, dangerous intersections and other assorted problems. GPS provides the opportunity to spot any of these problems and plan accordingly, whether that means choosing to take a detour to avoid these problems or re-scheduling journeys entirely.

Unauthorized journeys are an issue that can prove problematic for all sizes of shipping companies. Employees may be tempted to use smaller company trucks to carry out some of their own messages, like visiting a store or restaurant which might just happen to be on the way. However, this will use up the companies fuel and time resources if there is any amount of detour involved, and over time these can add up to a significant cost. It can also mean that customers have to wait for a delivery they thought would have arrived half an hour ago, as the driver was ‘just around the corner’. GPS can provide an opportunity to make sure this does not happen.

Smaller companies may find that the potential costs of installing an electronic on board recorder (EOBR) are too high to be justifiable. These costs include the price of the hardware and software and the time it takes to install them. Therefore, it is a solution that is better suited to medium to large companies, as they have the amount of deliveries needed to cover these costs and gain the benefits of a good tracking system. For smaller companies, they would only benefit if they had a lot of deliveries to fulfill, even if they only have a small number of trucks.

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