Fixed Assets Management

Fixed assets are defined as any object that a business uses internally, including computers, phones, software, office equipment, laptops, furniture, etc.  Fixed Assets Management is the process of tracking fixed assets to maintain an accurate count of all items, while also providing preventative maintenance, theft deterrence and financial accounting.  Tracking fixed assets can be an important concern for all businesses, regardless of size, because without an accurate method of keeping track of assets, it can become difficult to control them.  For example, many employees use specific tools such as laptops that belong to the company, but for the most part they’re in the employee’s possession.  It’s important to know where all of these devices are, who has the devices, when they were checked out, when they’re supposed to be returned and when they might be scheduled for maintenance, and asset tracking software can help companies do just that.

Fixed asset software such as IntelliTrack DMS: Fixed Assets allows a company to give each asset a unique barcode that can be scanned by a mobile computer, which then tracks them through over thirty different descriptors.  After all fixed assets are tagged with a fixed asset label and barcode, the software easily allows management to take a periodic inventory of all fixed assets.  The use of barcoding and asset tracking software simplifies the management of fixed assets and allows those performing a fixed asset count to finish in 1/10thof the time it would take manually.  This barcode application results in improved equipment maintenance, reduction of unnecessary equipment purchases, an increase in inventory accuracy, reduction of thefts and overhead, as well as more accurate tax calculations based on depreciation.  You should try the IntelliTrack software out for yourself,so Download a Free Demo Now.  If you need any additonal information or advice about adding fixed asset tracking software, mobile computers for tracking, or asset labels to your company, please contact Barcoding Inc., they even offer entire packaged solutions for all sizes of businesses.