Find Anything with Your iPhone & BiKN

RFID is being used in conjunction with the iPhone to create BiKN, the app that helps you keep track of people and things.

When you can’t find your phone, you simply ask someone to call it, but when you can’t find your wallet or keys, you’ve got bigger problems—until now. Treehouse Labs, is releasing a wireless technology solution that allows an iPhone to locate items or individuals. The solution is BiKN, pronounced beacon, and uses an iPhone application, an RFID reader built into a case that snaps onto the phone and battery-powered 2.4 GHz RFID tags that can be attached to objects or people. BiKN users can set up their phone to send alerts to help them locate whatever they like.

The BiKN solution will be formally launched in Jan. at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Once available, consumers will be able to purchase a package, consisting of the BiKN “smart case,” which would come with eight tags. After an iPhone is placed into the case, the phone would prompt the consumer to download the BiKN app. From there, they could set up a network of everything linked to the case by inputting information about what was tagged, then reading each tag through the case. The app can even display pictures, helping to keep track of alerts.

In addition to tracking people and things, they BiKn system could also be used as a sort of leash—users can set up a perimeter around the phone and indicate how far items or people can move away from it. For example, if a child or pet wore one of the RFID tags and went too far away, the phone and tag would sound an alert.

BiKN plans on making their solution affordable for consumers, reflecting Apple by creating fun and accessible technology. In the future, BiKN may be available for other operating systems such as Android, but for now, is focusing on launching the iPhone solution at CES.

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