Fighting Fires with Samsung and ATAK – Video of the Week

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Happy Halloween! It’s no trick— we have a treat for you! Keep reading for another exciting Video of the Week. Today, we are sharing a video featuring one of our partners, Samsung. If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here.

The Corona Fire Department and Samsung
When your team is entering time-sensitive, life-threatening situations, having reliable devices is crucial. In a collaboration with ATAK and Samsung, the Corona Fire Department improved their situational awareness.

The Corona Fire Department responds to large-scale wildfires up and down the state of California. To prevent the spread of these destructive fires, their team requires lots of equipment, like durable phones, tablets, case and mounts to ensure that they can stay connected. ATAK, a geo-spatial collaboration tool that originally came from the Air Force research lab, enables their Samsung devices to show real-time tracking information.

With this technology, the Corona Fire Department can see where their firefighters are, monitor the location of the fire in order to make decisions about evacuation and resources, and most importantly, keep firefighters and local residents safe.

Learn more about our partnership with Samsung.

Press Play
In the video below, hear from the Corona Fire Department team about power of Samsung and ATAK.

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