Field Service: Real-Time Access to Resources

Supplying mobile computers equipped with service tools to your field technicians is one of the best ways to provide faster response times, increased productivity and more time with customers.  Mobile computers and field service software provide your field technicians with real-time access to resources and information, allowing them to be more responsive to your customers.  No matter what the location, if your technicians have a mobile computer and software connecting them to the main office they can:

  • Order replacement parts
  • Record services performed
  • View and update customer information
  • Capture signatures to verify service was completed
  • Process payments and issue receipts

You can also stay connected to your field service workers by choosing a mobile computer that integrates wireless communication, this can lower cell phone costs and enables workers to receive emergency calls at any location.  If this sounds like an application you could use, a software package perfect for your field service needs is CaptureSoft’s Service Call; it can provide all of the above benefits and combines three separate elements to users.  Field workers are provided one program for their mobile devices and two other programs are provided for use back at the office, making Service Call an all-in-one solution.  Click here for more information about Service Call and the three components it offers, as well as demos, videos and options to purchase.