Fastest QR Code Scanner Around!

Our friends at the barcode news recently had a “QR Code Shootout,” which involved testing QR code scanning apps to see which was the fastest.

The six QR code reader apps chosen to compete were:

  • Red Laser
  • QR Code Reader (
  • ScanLife
  • ShopSavvy
  • QuickMark
  • Barcode Scanner (Zxing)

The mobile device used was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone running on Sprint’s 3G network. For testing purposes, one standard QR code and one UPC code were used to measure performance of each app.

The test began with opening the app, then pressing the scan button and waiting for the scan to complete, typically signaled by a “beep.” From there, the QR codes’ URL would appear. Each app was tested 15-20 times and a stopwatch was used to keep track of time.

One of the key factors in influencing the speed of the QR code scanning with all the apps was how quickly the phone was able to get the QR code in focus.

The winner for the fastest scan time was Barcode Scanner by Zxing, coming in at 2.8 seconds and beating the slowest app, ShopSavvy, by a whopping 2.7 seconds!

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