Farm to Table Food Traceability

In the food industry, the word “recall” can instill a sense of panic. Just recently, the FDA found violations of its egg safety rules on 40% of the farms it inspected. And the USDA recalled approximately 324,770 lbs. of frozen foods possibly contaminated with listeria monocytogenes.

But with rising operational costs and a growing demand for visibility in consumer food safety, there’s a continuous pressure to improve efficiency, transparency and accuracy to gain customer satisfaction.

Intermec Technologies has designed food-traceability programs to help meet food safety guidelines safely, accurately and efficiently—all while keeping costs low. Should a recall happen, response would be swift and companies would know exactly what food went where and when.

A food traceability solution from Intermec Technologies offers a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of operations and employees, all while keeping compliant with food regulations. Farmers currently user Intermec and partners for food-traceability solutions, which can also extend into the warehouse, extending traceability from farm to table.

Learn more about how Intermec can help make your food traceability the most accurate and efficient as possible.