Extreme QR Codes

2,000 soccer balls were used to create a large QR code that was scanned and used while sky diving!

A typical soccer game usually just involves one ball, but during today’s Republic of Irelend vs. Estonia game at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, over 2,000 soccer balls were used. Seem like overkill? Well, maybe for a game, but not for what Betfair, an online sports betting company, had in store.

Betfair used the 2,000 soccer balls to create a large QR code near the field as a part of their marketing strategy. They created the below video of skydivers jumping out of a plane, using their mobile phones to scan the soccer ball QR code, which led them to place a bet on the game… all before landing!

This may just be the most extreme use of QR codes I’ve ever seen! If you’ve seen something even more extreme, comment below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.