European Union Develops RFID License Plate Tracking

RFID tracks trafficThe European Union has been working on a system that would allow for wireless tracking in order for authorities to issue automated tickets for minor traffic infractions. To do this, their funding is primarily focused on RFID technology and testing has already begun in Finland. Currently, the test RFID devices issue automated tickets to commercial vehicles in Finland that violate height/weight restrictions.

Officials in Arizona are working on a similar system that makes use of RFID technology as well. Basically, an RFID enabled device would be placed on the vehicle and measure the distance between two automobiles. Any car that is too close to another would then be mailed a ticket for tailgating.

While some camera based systems already exist for automated ticketing, they have been proven to have errors and read license plates inaccurately. With an RFID based system, there is a much smaller margin for error.

The RFID technology used for automated ticketing is still being tested, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, cars came with RFID enabled devices to track drivers’ every move!