Environmentally Sustainable Barcode Labels

Vinyl barcode labels are primarily used outdoors and offer an 8-10 year life span. However, despite this benefit, vinyl labels are damaging to the environment because they produce toxins and dioxins that are linked to negative health issues, in addition to the harmful effects of burning vinyl at the end of the life span. Instead of using vinyl, which could be potentially harmful to the environment, there are many other material options such as:

  • Polyester Labels- best for long lasting applications requiring resistance to heat, water, oil and chemicals.
  • Clear glossy Labels- used for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and PET containers and packaging.
  • Polypropylene Labels- ideal for water, oil and chemical resistant applications and offer long-term labeling solutions. They are typically used in rigid bottle applications.

Now that you are aware of other label options aside from vinyl, we hope that you will be able to make an informed, environmentally friendly decision.