Enterprise Mobility in Healthcare

Mobile technology adoption in the healthcare industry has dramatically increased over the years. In fact, approximately 45 percent of healthcare workers use mobile handsets to collect data, all at the side of a bed! In addition, 25 percent of healthcare workers said that all data captured by their mobile devices fully integrates with health records.

However, with BYOD also on the rise, a strict security policy is of the utmost importance. While information must be readily available and easily accessible, it also needs to remain secure. Doctors, nurses and technicians often bring their personal devices to work, and they’d like to be able to use them on their hospital’s network to access patient data. An on-call doctor needs to be access healthcare records from home just as easily and securely as he/she would in the hospital.

In addition to staff needing secure access, visitors often request access to the network, which needs to be taken into consideration when developing your BYOD policy. Ensuring the network is secure will reduce risk and improve user experience, creating a reliable security strategy that supports BYOD for healthcare professionals and visitors alike.

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