Ensure Quality with Thermal Ribbons – Video of the Week

Today’s Video
New Thursday, new video! Welcome to another installment in our Video of the Week series, where we share a new product, brand, or technology from the supply chain world with you. If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here. Today, we are excited to share a video from our partner, Zebra Technologies, with you about Zebra’s thermal ribbons.

About Zebra
Zebra Technologies has been in business for 50 years, bringing customers the best in Barcode Printing, Mobile Computing, Data Capture, and more. Read about all of our partnerships with Zebra here.

Zebra Thermal Ribbons
With hundreds of formulations on the market, make sure you select the thermal ribbon that best suits your business’ needs–not all ribbons are created equal! Zebra thermal ribbons go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are up to not only industry standards, but the quality their customers deserve. They use Zebra printers to check for quality and durability, as well as a quantitative print analysis procedure. Need ribbons for your toughest conditions? Zebra thermal ribbons are also tested for sensitivity to a range of environmental conditions. They also offer small font sizes, intricate regulator symbols, and rotated barcodes. Learn more about our label offerings.

Press Play
Watch the full video below to see the testing process in action!

Find Zebra at Geek Tank
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