Engage With Customers And Keep Them Happy Using Apps

People are increasingly turning to online reviews to help make their buying decisions. While consumers of the past were limited to recommendations from family members and friends, which wasn’t exactly a large sample size and not useful at all if they didn’t know anyone who had bought the product they were considering, people can now find thousands of opinions from real people online. This is not only helpful in assessing a product’s features; it’s also an incredibly useful way to find out about the product’s assembly and its maintenance.

Many consumers end up frustrated when they receive a box of loose parts and instructions that seem like they are written in another language—if words are even provided at all. Poor assembly leads to dissatisfied customers, which increases the chances that they will leave a negative review of the product online. Once several of these reviews pile up, the product is as good as dead.

Apps Bring Customers New Help Options On Many Levels

Tech companies have come up with a clever solution to this widespread issue by developing apps that offer interactive, voice-guided instructions for assembly, installation and repair in 3D. These apps can essentially walk people through the entire process from unboxing to debuting the product, whether it’s a new dresser or a high chair. Safety is also often an issue here, which is why getting assembly right is absolutely crucial.

This type of app also enables retailers and manufacturers to engage with customers well after they’ve gone home from the store. While they might initially turn to the app for directions, it can also be used for registration, feedback, and warranty management. It can also help walk people through basic repair steps should something go wrong with the product, reducing the odds that they will complain or return it. This serves as a simple way for manufacturers to increase their customer satisfaction ratings without having to change anything about the product itself.

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