End of Life for Select Intermec Printer Models


Intermec announced the end-of-build and end-of-sale of the 3400e, 4420e and 4440e barcode label printers in October 2007, but they still have some units available, so this is your last chance to buy the following Intermec fixed printer models.


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3400E01000200 PTR,3400E,US115,GRY,203DPI
3400E01000201 PTR,3400E,US115,GRY,203DPI Self Strip
3400E01400200 PTR,3400E,US115,GRY,EasyLAN 10i Internal Ethernet,203DPI
3400E01000400 PTR,3400E,US115,GRY,406DPI
3400E01400400 PTR,3400E,US115,GRY,EasyLAN 10i Internal Ethernet,406DPI
3400E01000401 PTR,3400EUS115,GRY,406DPI,Self Strip
4420E01000200 PTR,4420E,US115,GRY,203DPI
4420E01000201 PTR,4420E,US115,GRY,203DPI,Self Strip
4420E01400200 PTR,4420E,US115,GRY,EasyLAN 10i Internal Ethernet, 203 DPI
4440E01400400 PTR,4440E,US115,GRY,EasyLAN 10i Internal Ethernet,406DPI
4440E01000401 PTR,4440E,US115,GRY,406DPI,Self Strip

These are available on a first-come/first-served basis and only while supplies last, so don’t delay.  All sales are final and no changes will be made to these configurations.  For more information on any of these models, or product availability please contact an Intermec customer service representative or an Intermec authorized distributor, such as Barcoding Inc. at www.barcoding.com.