Edible RFID: Know Exactly What’s Going on Inside Your Body

Edible RFID ChipA few months back, Kodak filed a patent for the use of edible RFID chips. Kodak’s edible RFID chips are completely harmless to humans and are coated with a soft gelatin that slowly dissolves once inside the stomach. The edible RFID chips could be used for a variety of health reasons.

One way the edible RFID chip would come in handy is by monitoring the human digestive system. Since the chips stop working after being exposed to gastric acid for a specific period of time, the edible RFID chips would be a subtle way to monitor the digestive track. In addition, edible RFID chips could be placed in patient’s medication to ensure that they are actually taking it. Similar RFID chips could also be placed in synthetic joints in order to tell when another surgery is needed.

While the patent is still pending, you can read Kodak’s plans for the edible RFID chip here.