Dutch Goverment Launches Healthy QR Code Campaign

Netherlands Nutritional QR Code Campaign

The Dutch government has recently launched a large-scale nutrition awareness campaign using QR codes as a part of their strategic marketing campaign.

In conjunction with Sprxmobile, the Dutch government’s mission of the campaign is to provide people with independent information about living and eating healthfully. Sprxmobile will be placing QR Codes on 1,500 billboards across the Netherlands. When consumers scan the QR codes with their mobile phones (installed with the proper qr code readers), they will be led to a site containing numerous articles and other information about living healthy. In addition, the website will contain quizzes and games where people can test their knowledge of nutrition and healthy living.

By educating consumers from a non-biased standpoint, the Dutch government hopes to provide accurate nutritional information that consumers can trust. With QR codes rapidly appearing throughout Europe, it’s no surprise that the Dutch government decided to launch such a qr-focused campaign.