Drive Speed and Accuracy with IMPINJ – Video of the Week

Today’s Video
Time for another installment of our #TBT Video of the Week series! If you missed last week’s video and post, you can find them here. Today, we are very excited to feature one of our partners, IMPINJ.

As a provider of RAIN RFID solutions, IMPINJ brings digital life for everyday items. Learn more about our partnerships with IMPINJ here.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Small errors in supply chain operations can lead to a large loss of revenue. Pick cost doubles with every error and return and outbound costs can increase up to five times with return processing and expedited shipments. Plus, mistakes can cause customer dissatisfaction, damaging your valuable client relationships and lead to future losses. So, avoid costly errors and get things right the first time by working smarter, not harder! Supply chain services like the RAIN RFID transition detection and flexible reader configurations can provide real-time tracking data that keeps your products on the right track. Explore our RFID services here.

Now Screening…
Press play to see a demonstration of IMPINJ products in action. Enjoy!

Learn More
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