Don’t Share Your Barcodes!

Let’s say you’re excited about the latest hit from Netflix in the mail and you’re a social media junkie—you’re obviously going to want to share the happiness with your twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers… but not so fast.

While you may have the sense to crop your address out of the photo, the barcode could be an easily overlooked item. The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) appears on all of our mail. These barcodes include information, such as your address, and can easily be read by just about anyone. Android users can simply download mailScan, an app for reading IMB barcodes, and easily discover your address, drive to your house, and steal all of your popcorn before you ever even get to sit down and enjoy that movie!

While a scenario like this seems rare, its better to err on the side of caution when it comes to social media, privacy and safety.