Donations by QR Code & Credit Card

This holiday season, the traditional Salvation Army bell ringers will be accepting credit card donations via QR codes and Square.

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, we are beginning to see the staples of the season, one of which, are the people from the Salvation Army who ring bells outside of stores for donations. They’ve always had the traditional red kettle, but with more and more consumer’s not carrying cash, it was time they make some changes to ensure bountiful donations this holiday season.

Now, consumers without cash will be able to donate money easily at some locations, with their smartphone and a QR code. The QR code is placed on a sign next to the traditional red kettles, and once scanned, directs consumers to a website that accepts credit card donations.

In addition to their QR code campaign, the Salvation Army is also testing Square, the mobile attachment that allows businesses to easily accept credit cards, in Dallas, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, which will allow bell ringers to accept credit card donations.

Square will allow consumers to quickly and easily donate, rather than having to stop, possibly download a QR code reader, scan and type their credit card number in. However, between Square, QR codes and cash, the Salvation Army is hoping that by making it easier for cashless consumers to donate, there will be an abundance of donations to help those in need.

If you’ve donated, let us know which donation method worked for you by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.